Thursday, 25 July 2013

What Are Electronic Cigarettes

Although they have been around for 2 or 3 years, it's only in the last few months that electronic cigarettes have become known to many people. On first reading the name does seem a bit illogical. 'Electronic? Really?  Sounds painful to be honest' is a not uncommon reaction.

electronic cigarette accessories

So what are e-cigs, as they are also known? Well they are a replacement for the traditional tobacco based product. They are electronic because they run off a battery. They provide a dose of nicotine when 'smoked' without all the harmful carconigens in normal tobacco smoke.

Typically your e-cig comes with a mouth piece, battery and cartomiser. A cartomiser is a combination of a cartridge with fluid and a battery powered atomiser which turns the liquid into an inhalable vapour.

This short video explains it further

So it's thought to be far healthier to smoke the electronic version rather than tobacco. Fair enough. But the really good news for smokers is that the electronic version is far, far cheaper. So you can get all the enjoyment you want at a considerable discount. Shopping around it's not hard to find a great electronic cigarette deal.

At the moment the electric version is not covered by the anti-smoking laws. So you can 'light up' inside at work, pubs, cafes etc and avoid illegality. Even better if you are a reasonable person (as most of us are) the exhaled 'smoke' is basically just a harmless vapour with no smell. Ideal!

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