Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Does Being A Vegetarian Lower Your Heart Attack Risk?

For years vegetarians have claimed that their diet is much healthier and good for you. Now scientists at Oxford university have just published a study looking at the vegetarian diet.

After studying more than 40,000 peoples health records they concluded that the risk of heart disease is around 33% less in vegetarians compared to carnivores.

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They produced figures for the risk of death or serious heart problems of 6.8% for carnivores and 4.6% for the rest. These were reached after adjusting for all the other well known factors such as smoking, lack of exercise,alcohol, sex, age and social class.

The presumed reason for the difference is the lower obesity levels in vegetarians and beneficial effects on blood pressure and blood cholesterol of a vegetarian diet.

So perhaps we should all turn veggie!

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